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Digboi Mahila Mahavidyalaya was established in 1981 at the dawn of the 9th decade of the twentieth century. The College deserves its place of pride among the colleges of the Eastern most part of Assam. Digboi, the oldest oil town of the country, has a glorious background in the History of education in the state as well as in the north-eastern part of India.The pristine dreams and aspirations of the host of leading personalities of the locality has felt the necessity of establishing an institution of the higher education of women’s and the result was the establishment of an Arts College, Digboi Mahila Mahavidyalaya on 24th July, 1981.

The institution, since its inception, has been promoting and expediting the education of women and has been providing qualitative higher education. The college feels proud to associates the name of Late Dwijesh Chandra Deb Sarmah, an eminent social worker and freedom fighter for his bold and Indefatigable spirit that led to the establishment of this premier educational institution in this region. Of Course their were also a few other elderly people who has constantly stood by him in this mission.

The college was brought under the deficit (Grant-in-aid) system w.e.f 01.03.1988 by the department of Higher Education, Govt. of Assam and was affiliated to the Dibrugarh university under 12(B) w.e.f. 01.01.1993. Within a very short period since the inception of the college, Digboi Mahila Mahavidyalaya now stands as and excellent institution of higher learning, promoting education of women in the region. The college got Provincialized in 2005 under the Assam Govt. College Provincialization Act, 2005 ( Assam Act, No XLVI of 2005) and hence the college has been following the provisions of the rules and regulations of the Act. The institution has also extended its leadership in the field of higher education for students from neighboring states such as Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, and various parts of life viz - cultural activities, sports, social harmonization among diverse tribes, cast and creed act. It is worth mentioning in this connection that since its inception, the I.O.C. (A.O.D) Ltd., Digboi has played a vital role in the up bringing of the institution.

In the academic arena, the college has gained immense popularity by dint of brilliant performance by the students both in Higher Secondary and Degree Examinations. Students of this college have topped the list of rank holders in the AHSEC and also many timed gained highest marks in the individual subjects in the same. Our Students have also topped in the Degree Examination conducted by the Dibrugarh University. The sincere devotion and dedication of the teachers, the quality of education imparted, the teaching learning process, the evaluation system and the brilliant results have attracted students not only on the local basis, but also from far-off neighboring areas. The College began functioning with its first batch of six students in 1981 and within a very short period of time, the strength of the college increased by leaps and bounds. Today, the college enrolls more than seven hundred girls in the higher secondary and degree level.

Goals for Education

Digboi Mahila Mahavidyalaya is a womens college committed to the integrated development of women for individual and societal transformation. The college was established with the following goals:

To impart quality higher education to inculcate liberal, cultural, humanitarian, spiritual and ethical values in the minds of students to ensure their overall personality development.

To widen the horizon of mind and to generate a scientific temperament based on reasoning.

The mission of the college is to elevate the status of women in the society by making them self-reliant and capable of self-employment through the acquisition of leadership qualities, in other word empowerment of Women.

To enable each student to develop her full intellectual potential through a focused academic experience that is simultaneously rich, extensive and collaborative.

To offer students scope for critical thinking and discernment, leading to the development of value-based convictions.

To help students develop a degree of self-reliance and determination to respond with courage and sensitivity to personal and social issues.

To generate among students an awareness of womens issues, human rights and environmental issues, so that they understand and respond constructively to these.

To sensitise students to look at the world from the perspective of the less privileged and to respond with concern and in a humane manner.

In the context of globalisation, to foster in students a sense of national identity that is secular and multicultural, with respect and tolerance of all cultures and religions.

Muliabari Digboi,
Assam 786171
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